You may or may not already have seen our new video by  Michael Fragstein for the song Blindness. As I have been quite involved in the production of this one, of course even being in the pictures myself, I thought I ‘d tell you a little more about the making of it.

Blindness is a break - up song. I think that’s fairly clear but the song is more importantly on the one hand about the wish to be sheltered from reality, not to have to see and have to ackowledge the world; the wish to keep the blindfold on and sleep and  on the other hand the inability to do so.

Michael and I talked about how to visualise some of these thoughts and moods without sticking too closely to the words and came up with the idea of suggesting a kind of restlessness by using many diferent night time locations and implying blindness  with the cut outs, the blindfold, the hands in front of the eyes etc.

I scouted for night time London locations that would be empty or almost empty and could communicate lonelyness or aloneness: The Regents Canal, an east London roof top, Ridley Road Market, and a Kebab Restaurant in Bermondesey. Stefanie Braun of (no relation, just a good friend) lent me the dress and David San Millán del Río took the photographs. David and I set out a few nights, timing things so we would catch dusk and for once the terrible weather this summer was in our favour: the skies were dramatic and beautiful. It was cold I can assure you of that, but fun!

From that point on it was all MIchael Fragstein’s work. David passed on the photos and Micha got working. Now you can see the result and we all hope very much that you like it.


Watch it here:

2 years ago